2 commenti su “Cercando un grupo per 3.5/5E ma italiano non e super”

  1. Brasog Vai al profilo 2 Ottobre 2019 – 18:44

    Hi ! We are looking for the fifth member in our campaign. We are not playing to 3.5 edition, but pathfinder, that is like the 3.75 edition (is very similar in rules and stuff, the changes are really few)
    we are playng at tenth level in an ambientation that is very inspired to ancient egipt.

    Are you interested ?

    yeah, we don’t speak very well your language, but you can ay that an italian can speak all the languages in the world if he try gesticulating!

  2. Trifaux

    Trifaux Vai al profilo 17 Ottobre 2019 – 13:23

    Hi Fiaeorri!
    Rome is very big and moving across the city can be challenging.
    In what neighborhood/area/district of the Aeternal City will you be staying over?

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