Cerco un gruppo D&D 5e

Ciao all!

I am looking for 5e D&D group in the Milan area. I am a student at SDA Bocconi, 28 y / o. I have 3 years experience with 3.5e, 1 year of 5e and experience with various other systems like CCG, LARP, White Wolf, Warhammer, etc.

Still getting the hang of my school schedule so not 100% sure about availability but would be able to commit to a weekly session.

I’m practicing my Italian, and I don’t know if the games are in Italian or English. I guess I could do either, but if it’s in Italian I’d just play a character with low INT … hah.

I prefer a good mix of roleplaying and combat, but it would be totally against a hack and slash campaign.

I also DM, having both homebrewed campaigns and ran modules. Something to explore once I have the hang of the demands of my school program.

Thank you!


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  1. Tiberio 6 Settembre 2019 – 16:48

    Hi Amanu!
    I’m a DM for 5ed and I recently decided to master a campaign standard with the Starter Set..
    In this case, I could be interested in finding both speaking-english people and not, so tell me more if you are interested

    1. Amanu Vai al profilo 6 Settembre 2019 – 16:59

      Hi Tiberius, I could definitely be down for this! Would the game be run in English or Italian?

      Also what day(s) of the week do you hope to run the campaign? And where in Milano would you be hosting this?

      Thank you!

      1. GDRocks Vai al profilo 7 Settembre 2019 – 00:53

        I hope to find 4-6 players and to get run the game in english (thats a particular desire I had since I have bought the starter set in Eng.

        I have only to find other 3-5 players..
        What do you think?

        1. aliccolo Vai al profilo 14 Settembre 2019 – 02:40

          Hello! I’m wondering if this English game is still a possibility? I’m very interested in potentially joining, or at the very least exploring the idea. I’m a native English speaker living, and while I haven’t played in roughly a decade, I’m hoping this may be a way to meet some people and make friends here in Milan.

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