English new player in milan

Hello everyone!

I’m a 25 year old woman looking for my first ever campaign to join ..I’m easy going and excited to meet new like minded people 

I’ve always wanted to play DND and join the community but never had the opportunity so I’m hoping with me posting here someone would be kind enough to take me under their wing and teach me the game 

Pluss we get to do it in English and i get to learn more Italian ..yay language exchange!

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  1. aragos Vai al profilo 16 Gennaio 2023 – 18:48

    Hi! I’m looking for players: but not for DnD.
    If you’re interested in other games as well, you would be welcome (as would some more training for my english)

    1. ChiaraBri Vai al profilo 16 Gennaio 2023 – 19:43

      I don’t speak English. I prefer other games. Do you know Not the End?

    2. reem97 Vai al profilo 17 Gennaio 2023 – 19:37

      I’m down to meet up and do a one shot ..i love trying new things !

      1. aragos Vai al profilo 18 Gennaio 2023 – 15:31

        You can find me on Telegram @ aragos so we can talk details 🙂

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