Looking for experienced DM for D&D 5e campaign in english

We’re a group of 3 med students looking for a DM that’s fluent in English and has DMed before

Our ages range from 20 to 30 years, and we would only be able to play on Sundays from around 12:00 onward.

We have a place in Porta Romana available to meet up and play

LGBTQIA+ friendly

Contact me on discord brigitta#3447


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  1. GodXarabas

    Edoardo 5 Maggio 2022 – 11:49

    Hi, I am Edoardo. I read your post on gdrplayer about a 5e campaign. I have experience as dm, done few campaign since 3.5. Me and my boyfriend would like to play with you. I also sent a friend request on Discord my username is GodXarabas#4820

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