DM looking for players in Milan

Helloo, as the title says I am looking for 5e D&D (or other rpg games) in Milan, I already know 2 people who’d love to play, although finding English speaking ppl is quite a struggle :/ I would be down to DM in case, although it’s nothing set in stone yet!

I am all for Rule of Cool (instead of a more rigid Rules-as-Written mindset) and I prefer roleplaying over powerplaying, also a big fan of OSE and all that part of old rpgs (dungeoneering, wilderness exploration, survival elements, hardcore gameplay etc; as long as everyone is on board with these ofc!). Hope to find someone and have fun, thank you ^_^

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looking for a D&D party!

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  1. Arexer Vai al profilo 7 Giugno 2023 – 08:43

    Hi and nice to meet you!

    I recently moved in Milan and I would love to join a new adventure and meet new people! ^^

    I play D&D 3.0, 3.5 and 5e, and speaking English is not an issue at all for me. Actually, this could be a perfect opportunity for me to even improve it! 😄

    Your play style totally resonate with me, so if you are looking for a new member of your party I’m eager to join it 😉

  2. Jacklord64 Vai al profilo 8 Giugno 2023 – 11:37

    Hello, my speaking skills are a bit rusty but it sounds fun to play. i’m still kinda new to D&D but if you’re still searching for players you can count me in!

  3. Vandro Vai al profilo 9 Giugno 2023 – 09:50

    Hi! I’m Federico and I think my english is good enough to play, plus I would love to do some english practice this way. I’ve been looking for people to play D&D with for quite some time, but I’m quite new to the game. I currently live in Brescia, which is an hour of train away from Milam, but I often stay in Milan because I study there and I have relatives there so i can soend the night there no problem. If you are still looking for players I would love to join, if you’d have me. We can chat a bit if you’re interested

  4. Sara Santucci Vai al profilo 10 Giugno 2023 – 18:16

    Hellooooo! I am bilingual (Italian/English), but my experience in RPG is only in English so this would be perfect for me! I enjoy the roleplaying elements the most!

  5. Fluffy_CHicKeN Vai al profilo 16 Giugno 2023 – 15:23

    I would love to get back to playing especially as a player since I’ve always been DMing until now and only ever played in oneshot adventures. let me know what your plans are and if you have come up with a party already/yet, I m always down for a acquaintance session

  6. Deffy Vai al profilo 4 Agosto 2023 – 16:05

    Hi there, I’m 38, Male, living in Milan. From the Netherlands, speak English German and Dutch. Would love to join a group but will have to say I’m very inexperienced. Have a great selection of board games but as a Critical Role fan I’ve always wanted to join a fun group. I’m new to it, but I’m happy to do the work to learn and become an experienced player or at least a good participant.

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