DnD-Player looking for an english-speaking Group!

Ciao Ragazzi! My Name is Luca, I’m 23 y/o, from Germany and new to Milano. Now I wanted to get back into DnD 5e, because, well, my old group is in Germany. Because I don’t really speak the very best Italian yet (I am learning tho), I’m looking for an english-speaking Group. I’d like to meet up during the week and in Person. I myself am LGBTQ+ friendly and just excited to get back to playing Tabletop RPGs.
Btw I am open to other Games except 5e, but that (and like one session of GURPS) is the only thing I’ve played so far!

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  1. aliccolo Vai al profilo 7 Aprile 2023 – 00:07

    Hi Luca, I’ve sent you a PM 🙂

  2. ema261989 Vai al profilo 7 Aprile 2023 – 22:13

    Hi Luca, I am looking for a group in presence to play during the week and I would love to play in an English-speaking group. Here is my telegram contact: @Ema261989 and my discord contact: ema261989#5069

  3. Ewan_Elendil Vai al profilo 8 Aprile 2023 – 13:26

    Hey Luca! I’d be interested in playing d&d in english!
    I leave you my telegram @glimmervoid91
    Hope to see you soon!!

  4. chofafr Vai al profilo 9 Aprile 2023 – 23:25

    Ciao Luca! Hey, I’m Sofía, my situation is very similar to yours! Would love to be able to continue playing in person here at Milano. I have a couple of one shots I’ve written myself in case we can get together and play for a couple of hours and get to know each other before beginning a campaign. My Discord Name is sofifr#4966 if you want to get in touch 🙂

  5. Flavio Il Quale Vai al profilo 19 Aprile 2023 – 17:15

    Hi, i don’t know if there’s room for one more but i’d be really happy to join

  6. paradisebunny Vai al profilo 8 Maggio 2023 – 10:42

    Hi! If you haven’t found a home yet, I am planning to start a new english-speaking group close to Piola. Also german and have been here for a few years now!

    1. azzoparc Vai al profilo 27 Settembre 2023 – 18:02

      Hey would you have space for another? I’m living in Dateo so not super far from you

  7. azzoparc Vai al profilo 27 Settembre 2023 – 18:01

    Hey Luca. I know it’s been a few months since you posted this but have you had any luck finding a group and would you have space for another? I moved from Ireland a few months ago and wanted to join a group here and maybe make some friends. I’ve been playing for like 4 years at this point.

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