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4 commenti su “English group in Milan”

  1. Neali Vai al profilo 8 Gennaio 2024 – 17:17

    Are you still looking for people? 🙂 I’m looking for a group in the same area playing in English and would love to join!

  2. Andrew The Dm Vai al profilo 11 Gennaio 2024 – 10:13

    Hi, I’m curious about your project, seems interesting and if you are searching for a player who likes acting his character and being engaged, I’m ready to play!

    Discord : h.p.andrew

  3. FedeAle24 Vai al profilo 12 Gennaio 2024 – 22:36

    Hello! Are you still welcoming new players? I’d like to join.

  4. Hermes94 Vai al profilo 15 Gennaio 2024 – 16:21


    If you are still looking for people, I would gladly play with you since I’m near your area. I have already played three one shots and I’m ready for something longer and I bought the instructions manuals in English, so I’m studying right now^^.

    Looking forward you’re reply,
    best regards!

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