GM seeking players for English speaking group – Perfect English not required!

Hi folks, I’m an experienced GM from Ireland looking for people who’d like to join an English speaking group for either one shots, campaign play or anything in between. I’m happy to run pretty much any system, from 5e D&D to OSR. Kult or CoC, Cypher, FitD or PbtA, in whatever setting the group is most interested in.

I’ve currently got one group going which meets to play Forbidden Lands every other weekend during the afternoon, which I can probably fit one or two more players into. I’d also like to set up a second group to meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. I haven’t decided on a game for that, as I’d rather decide as a group.

New players are more than welcome, as are people who aren’t completely fluent in English. I lived in Berlin for most of the past 10 years, so most of the people I’ve played with have been non-native speakers. LGBTQ+, BIPOC and differently abled friendly.

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Ciao, sono un master e giocatore irlandese, con esperienza in numerosi sistemi, alla ricerca di un gruppo di giocatori per fare da GM in inglese, o come giocatore in un gruppo di lingua italiana che non si preoccupi del fatto che io non sia ancora molto bravo a parlarlo,.

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  1. StefG Vai al profilo 31 Gennaio 2024 – 21:56

    Hi, i would like to join a D&D campagna, both 3.5 and 5e. I would like to know if it could be done on week end.

    1. HughBOM Vai al profilo 2 Febbraio 2024 – 14:02

      Hi StefG, my weekend game is currently running Forbidden Lands. If you’re interested in giving that a try, let me know.

  2. Berean4 Vai al profilo 17 Febbraio 2024 – 19:01

    Hi, my english is a bit of a mess, but I could be interested. Where do you play in Florence?

    1. HughBOM Vai al profilo 19 Febbraio 2024 – 13:34

      Hi there, no worries about your English, most of the people I play with aren’t native speakers. It’s a great way to prescribe, I think. We typically play at my apartment near Porto al Prato, one tram stop from SMN. You can get in touch with me on discord at HughBOM or join out server at or the WhatsApp group at

  3. CentralMind Vai al profilo 20 Marzo 2024 – 19:17

    If you still have available slots, I’d love an in person group and I’m quite comfortable playing in english, so hit me up.

    1. HughBOM Vai al profilo 21 Marzo 2024 – 13:47

      Hey there, yup we’ve still got an open slot for you. I don’t think we’ll be meeting again until after easter, but you’re welcome to join our discord, where we organise games;

      Hope to see you there.

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