GM seeking players for English speaking group – Perfect English not required!

Hi folks, I’m an experienced GM from Ireland looking for people who’d like to join a speak English speaking group for either one shots or campaign play. I’m happy to run pretty much any system, from 5e D&D to OSR. Kult or CoC, Cypher, FitD or PbtA, in whatever setting the group is most interested in. 

New players are more than welcome, as are people who aren’t completely fluent in English. I lived in Berlin for most of the past 10 years, so most of the people I’ve played with have been non-native speakers. LGBTQ+, BIPOC and differently abled friendly.

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Ciao, sono un master e giocatore irlandese, con esperienza in numerosi sistemi, alla ricerca di un gruppo di giocatori per fare da GM in inglese, o come giocatore in un gruppo di lingua italiana che non si preoccupi del fatto che io non sia ancora molto bravo a parlarlo,.

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  1. dome900 Vai al profilo 18 Ottobre 2023 – 15:35

    hi, we are in 2 me and my friend from amsterdam (he is better in english than me ^^”’) i know very well 5e and pathfinder, my friend is new of it

    1. HughBOM Vai al profilo 19 Ottobre 2023 – 18:24

      Hi dome900, sounds good. I’ve got at least one more person interested, so let’s try and meet up.

  2. Cappio Vai al profilo 20 Ottobre 2023 – 17:52

    Hey there, I’ve sent you a private message with my contacts. Let me know if there’s still an open spot for me

  3. ReddoDotto Vai al profilo 22 Ottobre 2023 – 22:55

    Hi! I’m from Florence but I speak English pretty well [if I do say so myself-]
    I’m searching for a group to play D& 5e but I can fit in any other system, to be honest.
    I would love to join in a English campaign!
    You can contact me here, on Discord [ReddoDotto] or on Instagram [@red.dott_]

    1. HughBOM Vai al profilo 23 Ottobre 2023 – 11:56

      Sent you a friend request on discord.

  4. HughBOM Vai al profilo 23 Ottobre 2023 – 12:08

    Hey there, I’ve had quite a bit of interest, so I’ve set up a discord server here:

    If you don’t use discord, no worries, you can also just sent me a message here.

  5. Daxxy Vai al profilo 1 Novembre 2023 – 11:27


    I’m an Italian player and looking for a group or to join an already existing group!
    I’m quite fluent in English but not used to use it because here I almost don’t need it, and I never role played in English, so I think it’ll be nice!

    Also I’d like to bring my own game system that I’m trying to write down and publish: it’s perfect for beginners and it can be really funny and interesting to play.

    Let me know what you think about it here, looking for .Dark_Side. on Discord or @Daxxybv_ on Instagram.


  6. Lo StellaDollari Vai al profilo 14 Novembre 2023 – 18:52

    Hi, I saw your post and was wondering if you are still looking for people for 5th edition? The discord link expired. I am from Belgium, 26 years old and can also speak Italian if needed. I would love to join!

    1. HughBOM Vai al profilo 15 Novembre 2023 – 13:10

      Hey there, we can fit another player in. We’re going to do a session 0 on Saturday the 2nd of December. I made a web form to try and figure out the specifics, which you been check out here:

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