Looking for 1 or 2 Players for Dragon Heist (Inglese)


This is very short notice but we are searching for 1 or 2 players to join our ongoing Dragon Heist Campaign. We have played only One Session and everyone is still at Level 1. We are set to play tomorrow, Saturday, from 3-6pm, outside of Florence but we are organizing a carpool for those who do not have a car. We will then play every other weekend from that point on. Currently we have a Barbarian, a Wizard, and a Cleric so if you have a character class in mind beyond those that would be helpful.

Message me and we can talk to work out the details!

Happy Adventuring!

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Sono un americano a Firenze, appasionato di GdR di tutti tipi. Sto cercando di creare un ambiente per giocare in lingua inglese (associazione o altro). Conttatami se sei intersato/a.

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  1. B1J00 Vai al profilo 29 Ottobre 2023 – 18:42

    Hi, my name is Bijo, I live in Florence, I’m very fluent in English(thanks also to my job) I already have an idea for what to play.

    Please contact me to i WhatsApp +39 3663506950 or Insta @bijan_shahbazi

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