Searching a Party, Trieste Italy

Hi, my name is Nina. I am 23 years old & do not have previous experience with DnD (but play lots of boardgames if that counts 😂 ). Searching a party to play and learn with in the area of Trieste. 

Ciao! Sono Nina, 23 anni & non ho esperienza con dnd; e mio Italiano e scarso. Cerco un party con cui giocare a Trieste. 

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  1. BaroneSengir Vai al profilo 12 Agosto 2023 – 09:53

    just sent private message 🙂

  2. Meliodas Vai al profilo 12 Agosto 2023 – 19:26

    Hi Nina, I’m giulio 26 years old guy from Trieste. I’ve just seen your post. I speak both Italian and English, don’t know what’s better for you.

    I’m also looking for a playing in real group because during the last two years I played only online and I miss to play in real. I would like to find someone to start a campaign or just playing oneshots.
    Usually I play as a master but I would like to play also as a player, my style is pretty narrative and interpretative.

    I’ve seen that someone has already responded to your post, there’s maybe a place also for me?

    You can text me on whatsapp or discord:)

    1. Ninaria Vai al profilo 13 Agosto 2023 – 11:39

      Hii! Oh great!
      I am in contact with someone in Telegram, do you have telegram perhaps? Then maybe we can make a group and try to organise something from there!

      My telegram is @Nin_Ita

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