Vendo Manuali White Wolf

Vendo manuali e supplementi del VECCHIO World of Darkness (Vampire : The Masquerade, Mage : The Ascension, Werewolf : the Apocalypse, Kinder of the East, Changeling : The Dreaming, Wraith : The Oblivion, Orpheus, Mummy etc.) in Inglese.

Se vi interessa un manuale in particolare (ne ho davvero tanti) o se volete avete la lista dei libri, contattatemi.

Possibilità anche di spedizione in tutta Italia.


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  1. Mister_S

    Mister_S Vai al profilo 21 Novembre 2020 – 18:08

    Ecco l’elenco ad oggi :
    The Book of Madness
    The Book of Shadows: The Players Guide to Mage: The Ascension
    The Chaos Factor
    Technocracy: Progenitors
    Technocracy Assembled Volume 1
    Mage: The Ascension (2nd Edition)
    Ascension’s Right Hand
    The Book of Mirrors: The Mage: The Ascension Storytellers Guide
    Destiny’s Price
    Digital Web 2.0
    Guide to the Technocracy
    Halls of the Arcanum
    Horizon: Stronghold of Hope
    Masters of the Art
    The Spirit Ways
    Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure
    Technomancer’s Toybox
    World of Darkness: Sorcerer – The Hedge Wizard’s Handbook
    Mage: The Ascension (Revised Edition)
    The Bitter Road
    Blood Treachery
    Book of Madness (Revised)
    Convention Book: Iteration X
    Dead Magic
    Dead Magic II: Secrets and Survivors
    Dragons of the East
    The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas
    Forged by Dragon’s Fire
    Guide to the Traditions
    The Infinite Tapestry
    Storytellers Companion and Screen
    Mage Storytellers Handbook (Revised)
    Sorcerer (Revised Edition)
    Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood
    Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus
    Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy
    Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers
    Tradition Book: Hollow Ones
    Tradition Book: Order of Hermes
    Tradition Book: Verbena
    Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts
    Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade
    The Artisans Handbook
    Castles and Covenants
    Crusade Lore: The Storytellers Book and Screen
    Infernalism: The Path of Screams
    Order of Reason
    The Sorcerers Crusade Companion
    The Swashbuckler’s Handbook

    Werewolf Player’s guide (1st)
    Werewolf Player’s guide (2nd)
    Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East
    Project Twilight
    Freak Legion: A Player’s Guide to Fomori
    Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits
    Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes
    Breedbook: Bastet
    Breedbook: Nuwisha
    Breedbook: Gurahl
    Breedbook: Ratkin
    Breedbook: Ananasi
    Rage Across New York
    Rage Across Egypt
    Under a Blood Red Moon
    Werewolf : the Apocalypse
    Umbra: The Velvet Shadow
    Croatan Song
    Book of Auspices
    Book of the City
    Hammer And Klaive
    Player’s guide to the Garou
    Player’s guide to the Changing Breeds
    Tribebook : Silver Fangs (RE)
    Tribebook : Silent Striders (RE)
    Tribebook : Utkena (RE)
    Tribebook : Red Talons (RE)
    Tribebook : Shadow Lords (RE)
    Tribebook : Black Furies (RE)
    Tribebook : Bone Gnawers (RE)
    Tribebook : Wendigo (RE)
    Tribebook : Stargazers (RE)
    Subsidiaries : a guide to PENTEX
    Werewolf : The Apocalypse (RE)
    Werewolf Storytellers Companion (RE)
    Werewolf storytellers Handbook (RE)
    Book of the Wyrm (2nd Edition)
    Werewolf : The Dark Ages

    Love Beyond Death.
    Wraith Players Kit.
    Midnight Express.
    Necropolis: Atlanta.
    Wraith Players Guide.
    Guildbook: Artificers.
    Guildbook: Sandmen.
    Guildbook: Masquers.
    Dark Reflections: Spectres.
    The Risen.
    Wraith: The Oblivion, 2nd Ed.
    Shadow Players Guide.
    Guildbook: Haunters.
    Guildbook: Pardoners and Puppeteers.
    Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah.
    Guildbook: Spooks and Oracles.

    Freeholds and Hidden Glens
    Autumn People
    Shadow Court (Molto Raro)
    Nobles: The Shining Host
    Isle of the Mighty
    Changeling Storytellers Guide
    Fools Luck: The Way of the Commoner
    Kithbook: Trolls
    Kithbook: Sluagh
    Kithbook: Nockers
    Kithbook: Satyrs
    Kithbook: Pooka (Molto Raro)
    Kithbook: Redcaps
    Kithbook: Eshu
    Immortal Eyes 1: The Toybox
    Immortal Eyes 2: Shadows on the Hill
    Immortal Eyes 3: Court of all Kings
    Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition
    Book of Lost Dreams and Changeling Storytellers Screen
    Dreams and Nightmares
    Pour L’Amour et Liberte: The Book of Houses 2
    Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses
    Kingdom of Willows
    Inanimae: The Secret Way
    War in Concordia
    Denizens of the Dreaming
    Book of Lost Houses

    Kindred of the East
    Kindred of the East Companion
    The 1000 Hells
    Shadow War
    Dharma Book: Devil-Tigers
    Dharma Book: Bone Flowers
    Half-Damned: Dhampyr
    Blood & Silk
    Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers
    Killing Streets
    Dharma Book: Thrashing Dragons
    Dharma Book: Resplendent Cranes
    San Francisco by Night

    Heresies of the Way
    Sunset Empires
    Crusade of Ashes
    Shades of Gray
    Shadow Games
    End Game

    Victorian Age: Vampire
    London by Night
    Victorian Age Companion

    The Players Guide to the Sabbat (1992)
    Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat (1993)
    Storyteller Handbook (1992)
    Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand (2nd)
    War of Ages
    Chicago Chronicles 2
    A world of Darkness 2nd Edition
    Ghouls Fatal Addiction
    Vampire Revised Edition
    Guide to the Camarilla (R)
    Guide to the Sabbat (R)
    Guide to Anarchs (R)
    Vampire Players Guide (R)
    Vampire Storyteller Handbook (R)
    Encyclopaedia Vampirica (L)
    Vampire Revised (L)
    Vampire Storytellers Companion
    Time of Thin Blood
    Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy
    Transylvania Chronicles III: Ill Omens
    Tutti i Clanbook (R)
    Nights of Prophecy
    Blood Treachery
    Midnight Siege
    Gilded Cage
    Sins of the Blood
    Archons and Templars
    Mexico City by Night (R)
    Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion
    Havens of the Damned
    State of Grace
    Caine’s Chosen: The Black Hand
    Counsel of Primogen
    Succubus Club: Dead Man’s Party
    Chaining the Beast
    Lair of the Hidden
    The Red Sign
    Giovanni Saga
    Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom

    Vampire : The Dark Ages
    Veil of Night
    Iberia By night
    Ashen Cults
    The Ashen Thief
    The Ashen Knight
    Libellus Sanguinis 1/2/3/4
    Bitter Crusade
    House of Tremere
    Liege Lords and Lackey
    Wind from the east
    Wolf of the sea
    Under the Black Cross
    The Three Pillars
    Dark Ages Companion
    Clanbook : Salubri
    Clanbook : Baali
    Dark Ages Vampire (L)
    Player’s guide to Low Clans
    Player’s guide to High Clans
    Spoils of war
    Dark Ages : Europe
    Road of the Beast
    Road of Sin
    Road of Heaven
    Road of Kings
    Devil’s Due
    Dark Ages storyteller Companion
    Dark Ages : British Isles
    Right of Princes
    Dark Ages : Werewolf
    Dark Ages : Mage
    Dark Ages : Mage Grimoire
    Dark Ages : Fae
    Dark Ages : Inquisition
    Dark Ages : Inquisition Companion

    Bygone Bestiary
    Blood-Dimmed Tides
    Outcasts : a guide to Pariah
    Midnight Circus
    The Inquisition
    Halls of Arcanum
    Project Twilight
    Time of Judgement

    Player’s guide

    The Erciyes Fragments
    The Book of Nod
    Revelation of The Dark Mother

    1. Goldaries Vai al profilo 27 Marzo 2021 – 11:38

      Ti ho passato il telefono

  2. Khayle

    Khayle Vai al profilo 30 Novembre 2020 – 12:21

    Feedback più che positivo! Venditore di tutto rispetto, puntuale e i manuali sono tenuti veramente bene! Prezzi ottimi! molto consigliato ^^ affrettatevi prima che gli compro altro!

  3. Cunix Vai al profilo 30 Marzo 2021 – 09:21

    ciao, a titolo informativo mi interesserebbe sapere i prezzi dei seguenti:

    Heresies of the Way
    Sunset Empires
    Crusade of Ashes
    Shades of Gray
    Shadow Games
    End Game

    The Erciyes Fragments

    Dark Ages : Werewolf
    Dark Ages : Mage
    Dark Ages : Mage Grimoire
    Dark Ages : Fae
    Dark Ages : Inquisition
    Dark Ages : Inquisition Companion

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